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The firm was founded in July 2021 by. Dr. Isabel Pinegger.
Dr. Pinegger´s law firm originates from the vision of developing perspectives and results for the client
This comes down to one key-ability: to immediately identifying the point of a case.

While this may seem self-evident, it certainly is not a given in the everyday lawyering routine and market. The reasons for this are diverse: rigid structures and hierarchical issues in large law firms, perfunctory – “time-saving” – work and the problem of work-overload in smaller structures.
For us, delivering results does not mean a sweeping promise of "wish fulfilment", but rather working through the facts, "dissecting" the problem as quickly as possible in order to get to the point and jointly developing a practical solution.


This can also consist of refraining from legal action - not every procedural standpoint is sufficiently valid.

Gerichtssaal Stühle

We have made it our business to utilize our special knowledge in procedural law to quickly provide our clients with a perspective and a strategy.


Because the better one knows the rule of the game, the more capable one is of taking action, and making informed descisions.
Every client and every case deserve the same high standard of attention and perfection. After all, if a law firm considers itself yourself too good for "minor" matters, it may just be too small for the "good" cases.

Our focus is on the out-of-court and in-court settlement of claims, advising companies on corporate law, white-collar crime and damage compensation matters, and drafting and
reviewing international contracts.


A key point lies in catering for international clients and representing their matters in Austria. We are particularely proud to be able to provide full and equally excellent service in both the Englisch and Germain language.

We consider drafting and revieving contracts in both languages a standard service.
In addition, we focus on enforcment and insolvency law in the area of claims management.

We look forward to hearing from you.

What is your point?

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